A Different Blue

A Different Blue - Amy Harmon I sooo have a thing for stories that are written in a neutral, sort of matter-of-fact way. Because this writing approach really highlights feelings, conflicts and thoughts.

A Different Blue is exactly like this. The whole story starts slowly, painful that made it a bit difficult for me to read. It wasn't dragging, it was simply too much for me to cope with.
Native American touch with characters and stories was a beautiful touch. Stories reminded me so much to those folk-tales we had here in Hungary. Wisdom, a man's story told in colorful, sometimes mournful way that you'll remember for ever and can recite anytime.

Blue had so many layers that I couldn't get enough it. Once you figured something out, she presented a new one. The way she so her non-existence, just being, unwanted and not belonging was at times really heartbreaking. The way she related to those few people left in her life, her clinging to Jimmy made can be subject to endless discussions.
Just like her carving art that was so beautifully written, you could practically saw each of her sculptures.

And you got Wilson (Darcy:):))... He's whole character was absolutely fantastic, some cynical and bickering with everything that English, making him some sort of dorky whom everything looks funny because of the way he speaks and sometimes behaves. It was fun and painfully beautiful how they start to connect and become friends, and than something more. He also brought along the surprising twists and insight of what we readers might wondering around.

All though might find the plot or parts of this story average, common, or trendy-subject-nowadays... well, it's not, you just have to let it flow. For me it was like cleansing my soul a bit and breathe a bit freely. It really did good to my soul
And final confession kisses in the basement are one of the most beautiful kiss scenes I've ever read.
Still, though, I didn't like the cover... yeah, I know... can't help it, I'm a cover-freak. Something more complex, haunting, artistic would have been better.

It's a beautiful story of redemption, forgiving, letting go, freeing yourself, let life take too bright places in a painful, tearful way spiced with some fun, and humor when you wouldn't expected it.