Panic (Rook and Ronin, #3)

Panic (Rook and Ronin, #3) - J.A. Huss First of... ahm... as I'm a cover-freak, I should start with this: I didn't like the cover... like, at all. I didn't even liked the cover of 'Maniac' as well, but that was a 'so-so'. This cover didn't do any justice to this book, and it's a shame.

And now... to the goodies:):

This was fan-fucking-static. A WTF eye-balling crazy ride finally ending (?).
I was happy that finally all the pieces came together regarding Rook's life. And yep, Spence was right about Rook being fucking brave.

And the Three Musketeers; smart, white-collar con artists effectively exploit ones unique qualities. Ronin, Spencer and Ford are really the best. I'd team-up with them, anytime, I'm game.

No matter how I wanted Ronin & Rook's HEA (not in a cheesy way, I sort of got that), honestly I started to cheer more for Ford than Ronin. I guess it's obvious why: he's more complex; has several layers I'd love to peel down; very controversial and hectic, you don't know what triggers him; and pretty fucked-up when it comes to caring. + His confession at the end... hell, yeah, I'd jump at him, if I were Rook (Sorry, Ronin, really, but... )

Guess I loved this one, because of the fast pace of writing; being on the edge all the time on what will happen next or where this story heading at all; strange dynamism among characters. And near the end of it the story did a fast forward and, yeah, well, sort of wrapped it up. (At least the action/end drama part).

Still, I missed learning more about why Ronin, Spencer and Ford do their con-artistry. Yeah, okay, so I'd be happy to read some more about Spencer and Ford. And, by JA Huss written hints at the end of 'Panic', I might get my fix... or rather, everybody, who's curious about the Boys.