Ricochet (Addicted, #1.5)

Ricochet (Addicted, #1.5) - Krista Ritchie, Becca Ritchie I've already explained my thing/problem with .0,5, 1, 1.5... etc kind of books for a series, so I'm not going there again.
But this one, I really liked. For one, because it was longer than other additional thingies for a series. And second, because I got what I expected, waited for ... sort of.

Some might find that this book is sort of dragging, and difficult to get over with. Maybe even their hands a twitching to put this away. Honestly, there were moments when I thought same.
But not because I didn't like it, it was simple too much drama with no progress of what-so-ever. Not a single glimpse, that this we'll get better, gets some sort of swing.

Well, not really... but after having some kind of "deep-breath" and "Zen-kind" of moment, I've got over it.

I also welcomed got some more glimpse of the Calloway Girls. Honestly, they're all different kinds of fucked up. I didn't really understand why Rose is like their mother. I'd rather say it's Poppy, as she's highlighted stupid not seeing a single thing that's happening with her sister. Also, she treats her own daughter exactly the same way, as her mother did.

Rose acting all "rock" while devastatingly fighting against their mother's all around control and perfectionism. Daisy with all her rebel and desperate need to do something that makes her alive and herself and not some "runaway-fleeing-to-keep-mommy-happy".

It was also fun to read more about Ryke and Connor. Their fight with each other about "who's Lil's friend to help her most" is ridiculous and sort of sweet.

And Lil... honestly... no matter what other addictions (alcohol, drug) do to your system, sex addiction fucks with your head big time. There's no cure for it, only to learn to control it and figure out what triggered it in the first place. It was really painful to see Lil's lost, devastating attempts to get better while generating all kind of psychological seizures. There's still no fully answer for what triggered it with her, but I guess we're getting there.

And Lo: missed him, probably fighting more with his addiction than Lil does, but he's in rehab, so it's different and "easier". While in 'Addicted To You' you had the nonstop feeling that they're not good for each other; the way sometimes they dragged each other deeper in ones addiction, in this installment I sort of got the glimpse, that maybe it's not the obviously true. Change of prospect in Lo's, the need to help Lil and never let her down, the determined belief that they will make it. Well, you got hopeful just as Lil does.
Yep, and Skype sex is hot :):)

All in all: sometime it was a bit of a dragging with the story, but - for me - the shocks, psychological issues and side-characters really compensated and conserved my curiosity on what's about to come.