Addicted to You (Addicted, #1)

Addicted to You (Addicted, #1) - Krista Ritchie,  Becca Ritchie Whoa... that was one superb book. Ahm... still pretty shaken by it.

Take two addicts: Lil (sex) and Lo (alcohol). Also they have other addictions: they're addicted to lies, faced, their parents' perfectionism, and well, each other.
Uni students knowing each other ever since childhood, living together and living in a lie for Lil's family sake to play the plot as being in a serious relationship.

They don't have any friends, they don't socialize other than with one-night stands or expensive bourbons. And yep, they're pretty loaded which should give you the idea that they're only two wealthy, boring kids nothing better to do, than have addictions in the hope someone sees how broken they are. Yep, it should give some "Cruel Intentions" feeling to the story, but... does not.

Than they decide to do something else: try the relationship thing for real. Of course, in the hopes, that it will help them sort they addictions out and maybe, perhaps help each other that way.
Despite their feelings each other, this is actually causes more harm than good. Because when there are the moments when one or both of them admits, that this is no good and no help at all, it would also look like one "cheating" the other. Because if you admit that you're addicted and do something about while the other doesn't, than it's hypocrisy big time.

And things getting into a way bigger turmoil, when "friends" starting to appear: Connor and Ryke. And they starting to influence both Lil and Lo with their silent or non-silent knowledge about Lo's alcoholism, until the final crash, which was a sort of surprise to me, but I had a good feeling about it previously.

What really intrigued me in this story was how these fucked-up, heavily and sickeningly addicted persons can function together in a totally not healthy relationship. How can you so desperately cling to another person because he/she knows your biggest secret and does not condemn you for what you're doing with yourself? And how long can it go like this? And it's stated in here: not for long, and one should admit it, to brace yourself and admit: you want to be better and you need help for this.

The writing style was excellent: somehow neutral, matter-of-factly, no bullshitting around. It didn't force you to go through the clich├ęs why one becomes addicted. It simply showed you in a very raw, harsh way offering to get your own ideas, thoughts about it.

Each characters, even the support ones were several layered, interesting and fun. Keep you on thinking edge like, okay-so-what's-their-deal.

And mine is: when one addicted person falls in love with another addicted person, if they cure (one or both), what will happen with their feelings? Will it be the same, better, stronger? Or everything changes for the worst, becoming strangers, because only their addiction and their reaction to each others addiction made it real from the start?

Definitely one find this out...