Ruin - Rachel Van Dyken Shoulda, coulda, woulda 5 stars, but...

I have 2 major problems with this book:

1) Cover - I totally felt the need to puke all over, just like Wes (although in other circumstances) because it's sooo cheesy, and I'm sure that way-too-much sweet readers and the ones with lack of brain are totally swooned and got all drooling, but seriously... cover is "disgusting" and didn't do any justice to this book.

2) Prologue: I sooo hate when one is like you flipping the pages to see how the story ends. Especially when it's all dramatic, and you should totally brace yourself for something... that... well, sort of, not gonna happened. It's somehow a cheap shot to get readers all excited and make them read the book. Seriously??

Other than the above mentioned, I really enjoyed this book. Mostly because there were so many funny dialogues I'd have to laugh out loud. These were smart and intelligent, really loved them.

Also it had some sort of intelligent, sensitive emotional build up, you really felt envied to experience it. Drama was enough... not too much... but emotional enough.

Still, around the end of the story, it was all screwed somehow... all the signs heading to HEA, which really happened in a sort of cheesy, hollywoodish way.

I get it when ones have a fatal illness should have to have (or not necessarily) a near death experience with guarding angel with wisdom. But still...

Until that point, it was really great drama, preparing yourself totally for the inevitable, and than comes the all sort of pink, we're so happy it's like oozes from sweets, yuuuck.

So, altogether, this was an example of how to screw an otherwise really great book with a lightly puking ending.