Left Drowning

Left Drowning - Jessica Park Whoa, this was one hell of an emotional roller-coaster.

This book has one of an interesting rhythm. It all started as cynical, self-destructive, neurotic kind... than it got unsure, tip-toeing, opening up... than came the steadier, calmer... and the emotional whirlwind, all hot and bothered... than all screwed-up, WTF, all head-case... than breathing again.

It so rare to read a story where all support characters are not just some sidekick to keep it rolling but also own entities with twists and turns. And you even turning the pages faster to learn more about them.

What made it interesting is, while Blythe was getting out of all hell and starting to live again, than Christopher is drowning more and more in his past and desperately running away from the present.

Still, what I couldn't put my finger on it, was the all hyped-up sex scenes. I mean, I didn't have any problem with it and the final emotional connection during that was beautiful, but still... I couldn't understand while the acted on it so intense. Perhaps it's some additional psychological stuff, I missed understanding on the way.

Overall it's a very sensitive, beautiful, story with surprise, or "I-so-knew-it" twists with unique and fun characters you cannot get enough of it.