Thief (Love Me With Lies, #3)

Thief (Love Me With Lies, #3) - Tarryn Fisher I thought I get tired of this story somewhere along this one, but surprising so, I didn't happen.
Actually I had a strange vibe with this story. Also, I had so many eye-rolling, that my eyeballs practically hurt by the end of this.
Most female readers are all swooning, sighing and dreamy eye because of Caleb. I, for one, totally not. Let's face it, no matter how hot he is, he's weak. This good boy scout thing he pulled all along this series, sooo not my thing and it's so not manly. Chickening out and can't man himself up to grab what he wants.
Torn between 2 (3) women and always complaining that faith has twisted everything in the wrong direction and eventually he and Olivia will get there. He's practically a devastated and selfish fighter who can't move in with his life, like e.g. Olivia tried (more or less).
I guess the reason I didn't fed up with this story by book 3 is the writing style, and haphazard jumping forth and back in time storytelling.
I was waiting something different for the end and I really don't see the reason why to put this dramatic thing at the end of story. Something that let's twist that knife some more, because this is what needed to end this fuckedup turmoil. On the other hand, it was nice that after all this emotional hysterics, hatefulness, lying, playing-games, moving back and forth, by the epilogue, it all settled down, and I could sit back let go of a long breath and say: Finally.