Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies, #2)

Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies, #2) - Tarryn Fisher Gosh, this was sooo much fun. I mean it could have been some vengeful story, with a throwing tantrums Leah with her hateful little tricks. But it's so much more.

I know most readers would go for the kill when it comes to Leah. And I get it it's because she got Caleb after all with all her evil, bitchy skills and there wasn't any HEA in The Opportunist, but come on.... Leah is what all of us wants to be a little bit: she's a fighter with no mercy. Her whole life is about fighting - for his parents love, for being seen as something worth loving, for Caleb's love.
Yep, she fights dirty... so? In love and war...

Leah is somehow a lot more interesting character than Olivia. And it was really great to see her layers getting peeled off. It's difficult to be someone better and different than your parents were when you don't have a healthy role model to follow. At least Leah is trying... on her own way, but she still does.

I didn't want to hate her, and I didn't, actually. I wanted to understand her. Her devastation took her to sickening ends but what can someone expect when she's stronger than the guy who's love she fights for. Yes, both Leah and Olivia are a lot more stronger, than Caleb. At least Leah doesn't play the daddy issue card. Because she fought against it, no matter she lost it. Olivia didn't, she still doesn't. She's fighting against herself and Caleb. So who's the unhealthy now?

And Leah's strange bonding and dumb case of motherhood skills, it was fun, while tragic and you practically should feel sorry for her because of that. Because when you can't have the love of a man, no matter how hard you try, when you have a baby, it's all up to you to win her/his love. Because when it all comes done, your child is the only one who will always love you unconditionally. There were glimpses that Leah might understand it at some point. And I'm sure she makes something good from it.

So, yeah, it was a great and fun read. This story avoids annoying bitchiness, because of Tarryn Fisher's witty, no-shit, sarcastic and humorous writing skills.