Tragic (Rook and Ronin, #1) - J.A. Huss 5 interesting stars

It was a strange reading experience...
The cover was the first thing that caught my attention ... yeah, well, I'm a sucker for intriguing covers.
Than I had some doubts when I read the summary, because I'm so not into modell stuff and anything related that. So I try to avoid anything that's related.
Still... why not give it a shot... as I was curious, what story can hide behind these unique names.

The storyline is somewhat interesting... somehow fast pace, and POV changing is quite unpredictable. But if you got into it, I all comes down as some great tv series, where you think you figured all characters out and you know where the story is heading, and switches coming (here e.g. learning what type of photos the studio is taking and learning the difference between erotic and porn), so you practically go with the story learn out more.

Emotional part of the story was somewhat strange to me, as I couldn't put my finger to it what draws Rook and Ronin to each other. I'd say, it's pretty much average, although the build up of where there heading is intriguing and really hot. Photoshooting scenes are awesome and you understand the turn on part.
When it fulfills (well, sort of) it's somehow written a 'let's wrap this up' or 'let's get over it', because that's really not the main thing in this story. It's rather who Rook's trying the grasp this whole free life and come to terms with how to proceed with her life and get free from her past. While Ronin is somehow trying to make everything right with himself what he "did" in the past and never let it happen again, so this is his determination to get a normal life, when he doesn't leading one.

So what really makes this book a 5 star one, are these to characters and their easy-going bonding, turning something else, than slowing down again. Which also gives extra credit to this story is how so matter-of-factly Rook sees her life, and not whining about it, but rather acting like "yeah-so-shit-happens-I've-been-down-the-road-got-a-shitload-of-the-bad-stuff-but-I-do-something-with-my-life-by-taking-control-over-it". And the way its presented in this book, is not some self-helping, smart-ass staff, but more real and believable.

Now, I'm curious where it's all heading, and I really hope it won't take back any on character development.