Tangled (Tangled, #1)

Tangled (Tangled, #1) - Emma Chase This was awesome, hilarious, perfect... okay, so almost perfect.

I'm always a sucker for man POV books. And it's really tough to write one that you enjoy; that has style and character, and along the way, you keep thinking "yeah-this-is-how-the-live-it-feel-it-think-about-it".

Emma Chase perfectly nailed it. The writing style, story build-up, characters=absolutely perfect, intriguing and laughing out loud. It seemed strange that from one part there's humor and Drew's narration, that somehow Bridget Jones-ish and from other part hot, detailed sex scenes like in other erotic novels. So in a way it was, I don't know, somehow the clashing of to different genres, that could have easily be some lame, cheaply written story.

But not Tangled. The Bitch, McKenzie, Dee-Dee are sweet, fun and wish to be around them and chat with them some more.

An excellent read. Just what I needed for a summer start without serious drama and fuckedupness. Simply just entertaining and fun. And yeah, those wicked and might shocking ideas a man can think about, okay, actually think about, yep, there are true, and real. So suck it up and learn to live with it, Bitches, whether you like it or not.