Beauty from Surrender (Beauty, #2)

Beauty from Surrender (Beauty, #2) - Georgia Cates Actually 3 stars + 1 star for Margaret McLachlan

I can't say I was disappointed because I got what I was expected. Actually I was rather curious than excited for this installment. Book 1 was intriguing, because of the plot and yeah, hot-hot sex.

This book... it was so vanilla. All the sexes scenes were totally similar. Character development, well, yeah, it wasn't developed at all. From out of the blue "I-realize-I-love-you-and-not-scared-to-say-it-out-aloud-after-some-suffering", well that's not development.

There's was so many indication to babies, let's-get-pregnant issues, that it became a bit of cheesy and I was expecting I'll get pregnant from it when I finish this book.

Only colorful and fun for me was Margaret McLachlan. Her dialogues were funny, so Mama-Bear, tough matriarch, who brings any guy to his knees, that I had to laugh out loud.

So, overall, it's the finish (hopefully, no more books!!!) of an intriguing start from where you knew, no way you can get anymore of. Pleasant summer reading for the beach, but not more.