Arouse (Spiral of Bliss, #1)

Arouse: A Spiral of Bliss Novel (Book One) - Nina Lane When I first read the summary I was like not again "professor-innocent student-hot-erotic-love-mixed-with-fuckedupness" stuff, but I dive in it anyway.

And it all started great, and what was the peak of it, was switching timeline which I think was perfect: smoothly into the storyline, not disturbing, not confusing.
Than it suddenly stopped... now that was confusing. I was like... what the...
So the story went on the present pressing the issue of the several shades of relationship when it comes to trust, "being me", "being you", security issues and stuff and all in a sensitive and intelligent way.

And when I thought, the whole story stays ind this easy present tense with one POV, the POV suddenly changed... just with a flick. So that also added something extra and intriguing to the whole story.

Then came whole emotional whirlwind and I got all curious where it all headed... and knowing there's Book 2, I figured it, won't be any real ending in this book... but still... the short dialogue at the end of the book gave an edgy edge to the whole story and accomplish what is the essence of all series: keep you up as long as physically and emotionally possible to figure out, what will be the end of it... So heading for Book 2, and lack of sleep :)