Hopeless (Hopeless, #1)

Hopeless - Colleen Hoover When it comes to a book, usually its the cover that catches me first. Than I look up Goodreads for reviews and sometimes major sellers, to decide.
This season's holidays I gone for drama, emotional wreckness and the idea of weep as many times as possible. 'Cause its like you got clean, and got all of the emotional, plus other stress out of you.
So wept through CH's first 2 books and was looking up her more, and saw Hopeless.
Loved the cover, and the simple title.
First couple of pages, I got curious where it was all heading. And than I've just found myself like Sky. Putting the pieces together, getting confused and having all the theories.
And the whole puzzle came together for this shocking, heart-wrenching conclusion (both with the book and separetly): is there any comeback, anything that's normal.
Still, after the ending, I kept thinking: after all these, when Sky went through, there won't be anything normal in the future, just the build-up yourself from the wreck and get a life from not living at all.