Dirty - Megan Hart Eye-catching cover, interesting summary, and it really started as an easy, sexy, casual kind of reading. Summer time, my kind of reading. Than came the issue-driven and fuckedup stuff.
I really enjoyed how MH presented the characters personality, cope mechanisms, all the balancing thing. Also huge A++ for how the emotional part comes real.
What was strange is the end part: it seems like the writer run out of emotional devastation, fights etc. and solved the whole thing with a couple a sentences. One moment no-way, I can't from Elle, than comes start-over-can't-live-without-you-let's-give-a-shot.
Sex parts (or kinky parts) not that surprising, or shocking (like with some other books in the genre), still those are hot and a turn-on.
Anyone wants to meet the female equivalent of Christian Grey, don't miss this book.