Free Four - 'Veronica Roth' I'm always a bit of unsure about additional, .x, in-between etc. kind of installments for a series.
For one, as I don't understand why it's necessary (other than keep up the interest of fans, readers). For two, they're usually quite short (God, I hate any literature under 200 pages :/)

With Divergent series I'm quite biased, so I practically jump at anything that's related to it until Allegiant comes out.

Title was confusing: Free Four and Tobias tells the story.

I don't see anything in this short story that has anything to do with Free Four, other than his way of thinking and questioning his membership among Dauntless.

And Tobias Tells the Story... well, you'd expect you can reread Divergent from his POV (which would be totally unnecessary), but than you realize it's not enough pages. So, he rather just gives a glimpse to one of his encounter with Tris. And practically this is what you got from this "snippet": a glimpse to Four's way of thinking at that exact moment, which is a nice addition to the story, but nothing more and you won't be anymore smarter about the story, really.

So, this is a nice addition, but I don't see why it was necessary. It's only for absolute Divergent fans only.