Faking It  - Cora Carmack I didn't know that this one is also a series... sort of. And as I read "Losing It" quite some time ago, I had difficulties to place some characters.

This one was an easy read, page-turner, leisure experience (that's the 3 stars for).

You got Max who gave me this impression as some thriving to be individual, expressing herself in music. And, buuum, she's has a pretty big baggage. (Not much building about this in the story, really)

And than there's Cade (I sooo, don't remember him from "Losing It", sorry:/), who's... ahm... with all the good looks and charms... well, he's plain, simple and everything is so forced.
He's like this "we should have a hot, male lead character" and there's nothing much to it. He is an actor, but doesn't do much acting, just studies (also no indication for that in the book, it's just said), doing so volunteer work (nice boyscout guy). For me, he was way too simple. (Not surprised, he had girl problems in the past).

And than there are some side characters, who appear, it seems like they play some major role in this story, but than vanish, like CC didn't know how to deal with them, or insert them in the story some more.

Honestly, sometimes the whole story was soo overdramatized for me. I understand the tragedy and drama of Max, but it was dragged out way too long. And the end drama was solved with some dramatic wrap-up, like let's get on with this, and some skipping at the end.

Fortunately, I didn't have high expectation with this one (hardly remember "Losing It" to be honest), I was just looking for a fun, easy read. And I got it (drama aside), but ask me in like 1 month time, and I won't be able to recall much of this story. (Sorry :()