Revealing Us (Inside Out Trilogy) - Lisa Renee Jones Actually I'm confused and disappointed with this book...

First two books had very high standards. Even after If I Were You, I wasn't sure if suspense could be hold in this quality for the next edition. But LRJ scored it perfectly. Maybe that's why I wasn't "worried". She did it once, she will do it again.

Well, no such luck...

This one was farfetched. We got the last couple of entries of Rebecca (which were pointless, but I guess you had to have all Rebecca related in this final book). There wasn't much logic to it how these couple of entries were placed in the book, but never mind. This wasn't my main problem.

My main problem was: I could practically feel it throughout my whole reading, that Lisa Renee Jones was struggling with this one. Everything was forced: tensions, suspense, conflicts and end drama.
It had this building up thing like something's gonna happen and you could create all your conspiracy theories. Which was good. But when it came to Chris' biggest fear and drama at the end of this book, I was like: Seriously, that's it???? Okay, so it was drama all right, but he made so big fuss about it, that I was expecting something more complex.

I was happy with new characters, like Amber and Tristan. They seemed interesting and head this mystic clinging to them which somehow made up for lack of it in major part of this book.

Conflict and crisis issues between Sara and Chris were also forced. Like there should be some trust issues to make them interesting.

And this whole Ella situation. Sometimes it was present, full force, everybody investigating about it... and than... it's totally forgotten. Like LRJ's just realized she had another storyline needs to be tended.

And when I was somehow at the end of my ropes... came the Epilogue. Rather annoying, than edge for me, because it had some future promise in it, that maybe, just maybe Inside Out trilogy will return with some other name, focusing on Ella.... Grrr :(