The Rise of the Hotel Dumort - Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson **** Review of all 5 chapters/"snippets" ****

I really am a sucker for Magnus Bane. That's why I was so curious and happy to read something focusing on him.

And than...

First, I had the same problem with these chapters as I had with Infernal Devices. All this historical background thing making it difficult for me to get into it. Everything so low key and not what I got used to with TMI. But still, it was Magnus, who I have a soft spot.

I really hoped to learn more about him, get something Magnus-ish.... and simply, didn't, ahm, not really.
I'm sure most of us TMI/Magnus fans expected to finally learn, What Really Happened in Peru... and well.. we sooo didn't. This 1st chapter was like a forced thing to make everyone read it and get the start to read more, or once read the whole book. But the whole thing was like 2-3 sentences at the end of the chapter. No real explanation, just a devastated attempt to peek your interest.

Than came all this historical stuff which were... to be honest... ridiculous. At some point I was expecting Magnus to shake hands with Hitler, than go an spark up Reichstag... really.

Everything was so fetched up... no concept... no context... very disturbing.

Only good part was when Shadowhunters, ID characters appeared and we had a flashback of how Magnus felt about them, but that's it.

I really didn't get all this time travel thing, as I didn't get to learn more about Magnus. And he wasn't really Magnus himself. Not the one I got so familiar with TMI.

So it was really fetched up, I didn't see the point why it needed to be write (other than some fandom thing). As I didn't have high hopes, I can't say I'm disappointed. It was simply weak, and totally not necessary.

Therefore, my score is a really weak 4* and only for Magnus, because he's the best in TMI, but not in his own book :(