Shooting Scars - 'Karina Halle' There are some series where each books are getting better and better...

Yeah, well, The Artists Trilogy is definitely among them.

Story picking up exactly where it ended and everything speeds up, slows down, jumping around to confuse your ideas about characters... simply perfect.
Changing POV also did good this book.

I've just realized I haven't written too much about Ellie. Well, yeah... She's confusing as hell. As much as she doesn't understand her own acts and decisions in different situations, same as here, with me, as a reader. Perhaps her non-existing normal upbringing is one to blame, but still... The more she decides to live a normal life the more she gives in to her con artist life. It's a sick give and take. She's an emotional turmoil and can't seriously stick with one guy. She's sick of one life and scared as hell from the normal. I really can't see an out of this.

And with this whole Team Camden vs Team Javier thing around here: come on, let's face it, they're both fucked up... big time. Still, I really enjoy both of them.
Camden's trying to act all knight of shiny armor who knows exactly what Ellie needs and should do with her life, while he married in the Mob with a stupid bitch ex-wife and a kid he's scared of. Add to it his current hell of a runaway with false accuses and being all con himself. Sometimes it's like that he has this ideal idea of how to live your life right and be normal, while he's more and more going to the opposite side (intentionally or not intentionally)... practice what you preach.
And Javier... oh Javier... well, he's the dark knight in shiny armor with all his possessivness with knowing exactly where Ellie belongs and he's on the roll to make her realize that. In his twisted crusade, he's scared, honestly, because Camden exactly embodies the very one thing he won't be able to do no matter what: safety. Until that, he was obsessed with his love for Ellie, now he has a new obsession (or it finally manifested): Ellie belongs to this con world and together they can rule this con world. Yeah, well, if he can't present the very thing Ellie needs the most (safety), he tries with desperate persuasion to make her see the other way around.

Actually, I understand Ellie more now... with this two guys, I'm not surprised she's so confused and can't make up her mind.

I really hope Karina keeps up with the story like this. It's like a great action movie with twists and turns, keeping you on the edge and make you re-consider everything you had about this story. It's a really sick joyride and you don't know where and how it ends. (I just really hope it won't be anything sloppy... and I got some ideas about already how it will end... hush-hush)