Sins & Needles  - Karina Halle Gosh, it was way better than I thought it'd be.
I mean, I had a thing for tattoos, especially the meaningful ones... not for those done because it's trendy. And tattooed guys... yummy :D

It was like a really good on-the-run, catch me if you can story, like The Thomas Crown Affair (but the original one with Steve McQueen, not that metrosexual bullshit with Pierce Brosnan :/).
The book had a fast pace rhythm that kept my turning the pages. Jumping back-and-forth in time gave nice addition especially with POV changing to third person. This neutral glimpses of the past gave a strange vibe to the story and peeked your attention to understand more.

And the characters... hmm... well...

Ellie - simply someone who can't really be figured out. Quite rhapsodic, totally not understanding herself, just briefly as con artist, as she wants to be. At one part she has her frustration with her scarred leg that makes her less of a valuable person; and there's the other part battling with her con artist upbringing and chosen career path. To top it all, she's struggling with to fucked-up with desperate clinging issues to her. Psychologist would have a field trip with her, for sure.

Camden - acting all cool, rebelling in shocking appearances, while having his issues with an abusive law enforcement father and screwed up trying for a normal living (including an ex-wife and a kid). He was the epitome of contradiction for me: acting all guardian of justice and moral with Ellie, while he's doing money laundering for the mob. Seriously??

Javier - meet the leisurely cool bad guy with an obsession for Ellie. All painted as the ugly, bad wolf on a punishment mission. Just as fucked-up as Camden poisoned by his desperation to get Ellie back... And, come on, what then?... Still, he's quite intriguing. I really am curious about it.

I'm usually quite predictable about a story and have these "I soo knew it" moments. But I hardly had any with this. Okay, I had some gut instincts, but - because of the writing style and storyline - I was too much into it to state: I knew this from the start.

Thanks to the edgy enough book ending, and now diving into prequel story, I'm really curious where this story heads.

And if you're curious about where a series is heading, it should be a good book... right?
(Well, I hope I am... will see:)