Wicked Beat  - Olivia Cunning Overall sort of review of Sinners series

While reading Wicked Beat I was wondering, while I reviewed this series so high. I guess probably, because back then it was fun to read all the sexy stuff on high roll of speed.
But really the thing is with Sinners series is the more read from it the more you realize it's practically all the same (no matter if sex scenes varied from time to time).

There's no story development, at all. All characters jump at each others bones practically in seconds. All characters fall in love in an instant. It's a thing that sex scenes varied with each book, but they are so steamy, that no matter how varied, it looks all the same in the different books.
To top it all, there also should be some issues and baggage each character are dealing with, to have some "meaning" in the story other than "fucking-like-rabbits". (I should admit, most of the heavy, bulging eyes sex stuff good for my inner godness and libido:))

I guess what annoyed me most is while there are all this hot, heavy, pornografic like detailed sex scenes, there's always this sloppy love thing in the story.

I really don't know whats wrong with me, that I only came to realize the many flaws of this series, while giving away high ratings back then. Probably I might be a "matured" reader by now and/or just read way too much better books/series than this. Or with Wicked Beat all these things finally got together and I really see this series what it is: a sexaton with shallow storyline.