Manic - J.A. Huss Huuuh, this was fun and I really enjoyed :D
Different kind of slightly better than Tragic. I've always loved the pace of J.A. Huss. It's like Rook, and I guess this is what I love most.

While POV's weren't so switching like in Tragic, and somehow I've expected it to happen with the next chapter, but it never came... still... I take it, it was so perfect trick. Why? Because I've always got the feeling that Huss does the opposite what readers expect.

I'm a sucker for rhythm of a book, and this one has an interesting one. A bit of erratic, angry, insecure, confusing... whatever... the more I can't put my finger to it, the better.

I loved that I had more prospect of Rook's thoughts and how she proceeds in this kind of modelling world which was a colorful and realistic kind of experience. I really enjoyed each painting job, seeing it through her eyes and loosing any of my discomfort about it.
What's also an asset, that all her debates about this new life of hers and all her insecurities about her present/past are totally not too much. You don't get the feeling that she's whining and can't make up her mind. She's tough, down to earth, matter-of-fact, and smart mouth, that made me laugh out loud - huge asset (it's tough to make me:). Just like this whole book.

Another strong and surprising addition: 3 Muskeeters, Wicked Boy Scouts. Ronin, Spence, Ford.... quite unique... Especially Ford, who just as much confused me, as he did with Rook. Although the conflict, and why-they-hate-so-much was somehow a bit of a low key thingy, but what the hack... it ain't hurt the story, just made you curious.

Main conflict was fast paced, like a good thriller. Exciting enough, but not too much. The ending part was somehow wrapped a bit, but presumably a preparation for something else. I've missed some at that point, but as I don't know what I was expecting, I can't say I'm totally disappointed.

All in all: this book was like a great rock ballad, from some rookie band with all the smart-assing, down to earth stuff and a kick ass heroine who really made my reading.