The Redemption of Callie & Kayden  - Jessica Sorensen This was beautiful ending (or not) for this series.
I've always had a weakness for Jessica Sorensen's writing style.
All words are powerful, cutting you deep so you thoroughly experience what Callie and Kayden.

Continue the story where it ended in Coincidence with a brutal edge, it was easy to pick up the story and its athmosphere. It was a nice twist with turning tables re: Callie & Kayden. Kayden going done that road from where Callie was trying hard to detour.
I could write about Kayden's shitty parents, but it's useless, as he was so emotionally detached from them. His continuous debate on whether his worth for Callie and his devastating fight with emotional bonding was down-to-earth written, not in a cheesy way and it wasn't too much.

Although I was missing some of the dramatic, broken edge that determined so much in Coincidence. Here it was lacking a bit and the speed of story was a bit of fast paced, but coping issues somehow slowed it down, which did good to the story.

I'm so happy that I wasn't disappointed with this one. It's so easy with book series to have some flaws in next installments. But Redemption nailed it down perfectly.