The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies, #1) - Tarryn Fisher This was one twisted, sick, royally fucked-up reading challenge.
It's one thing that I'm totally into fucked-up characters (the more fucked-up, the better), but all 3 main characters being this totally fucked-up, it tops all my previous reading experiences.

It all started as some tragic love story (guy with amnesia, girl in love trying to win him back) and with no time, it turned out to be a wicked game of lies, power game, catfight and trick or treat.
At one point I feared that I might get so fed up with Olivia and her issues, like I did with that bitch in Thoughtless (can't even remember her name, yep, this says something about her to me as well).

But... nope. Maybe she should have been annoying with this pathetic devastation of winning back the love of her life, when she was the one with her emotional bonding and totally responsible how things ended.
Although at times I couldn't put my finger on why she has these problems with bonding and gave herself to love (this daddy issue problem of hers is too weak for me to accept), still Olivia's sarcastic, witty, badass, no-matter-what personality really rubbed me in a good way.

And subject of her love: Caleb, yet again a way too good looking, ugly rich, manwhore, womanizer guy. At first blink to shallow, and average for my liking. Also, I didn't get any answers: why he falls in love with Olivia? No answers, no indications, nada.

Leah (fucked-up No. 3), I guess I better leave her Book 2. Despite red hair, she's the epitome of stupid, empty blonde.

I know some hate the jumping back and forth in time in a story, but I really enjoyed. Still, there were parts where there weren't any indication on where are we in history, and was a bit disturbing to follow.

This story was enjoyable, because of Olivia (no matter what) and the sarcastic, drawled, irritating writing style that keeps you reading, because, yeah, we all one know where this all heads.