Beautiful Bitch - Christina Lauren So, I guess, this was the book where I had enough.

I actually don't see the point why this one was needed, but never mind.
Other than my previously described problems with "Beautiful" books this one with its hectic, jumping back and for in time really annoyed me. It was always like, started with a scene and when it became interesting/hot, it abruptly stopped.

Chloe and Bennett fucking like rabbits almost all the time was rather hilarious than hot. The whole "with-don't-have-enough-time-for-each-other-and-let's-make-some" was so prolonged (even in an under 200 pages "book" - note: any book under 200 pages are no book for me!) that ending HEA, with stupid proposal was rough-and-ready-work.

I still have the impression that Christina Lauren gets so tired of writing all whole story by the end of a book, that she practically speeds up and does a "let's-finish-this-off-shall-we" turn.

At the moment I don't feel it in me to continue with this series anytime soon. Perhaps when I'll be in some empty, let's-dry-my-brain kind of mood, than I might read some of this. But this series won't be on my Top 10 most wanted to read list for sure.