City of Bones - Cassandra Clare Just when you starting to realize there's a world existing out of Twilight, here come the Shadowhunters.
I was still in the huge aftermath of TS, when my book soul-mate and "issue" soul-mate (hi, there, Niki:), started to babbling and get all enthusiastic about TMI, and shadowhunters, and all those marks.

So, gush, CoB (and TMI) sucked me in deep. It's funny, easy, stylish.
Characters are perfect (still keep wondering how someone can figure out so unique personalites:). Dialogues are fantastic. Sometimes stand-up in a row.

And Jace, incorporating the biggest and bestes attributes ever: cynicism, sarcasm, arrogance. Absolutely perfect.

And to not get bored (like it would be possible): Mangus Bane ... the undescribeable, stylish, resigned with THAT humor.

Last, and least, someone with undeserved small focus and attention: Church :):)

P.s.: Yeah, marks are definitely sexy!:):)