Being Me (Inside Out Trilogy, #2) - Lisa Renee Jones 5 HFS stars...

Somehow I had doubts whether LRJ can keep up with "If I Were You", but oh boy, she really could and some more.

Tempo, tension, WTF moments of this book are a total page-turners.
And perhaps the reason for this is: Sara-Chris-Mark. These three characters with their fucked-up and several layers keep you on a "no-idea-what-happens-next" edge.

All those doubts what I had before starting this book were somehow ticked on the way:
* Suspense-filled-crime-story added plot: I usually figure out quite soon who's the guilty-one-killer-one, but not in this book. Ava was so antipathetic, and suspicious, but I never thought that (or perhaps I was just focusing on other characters:);
* Romantic touch in BDSM story: I hate when a BDSM easily becomes an emotional, love-yous, lovey-dovey story with a cheesy touch. But LRJ managed to avoid this (God bless her!).

I really hope the story keeps up like this in Book 3 while avoiding becoming sloppy. So I can hardly wait. A nice ménage with Sara-Chris-Mark would be a hot addition, although I have the feeling that might not be the way where LRJ is heading.