Entwined with You  - Sylvia Day For the complaining ones, disappointed ones, angry ones... etc.

Seriously? What's your big deal? You really thought that the story "the ends" at Book 3??
You really should know better:)

Eva and Gideon are fuckedup... so fuckedup... big time.... So why expecting simply happily ever after ending?
Two main characters with this much baggage you seriously thought they just gonna walk on happy-future-love-hearts-flowers lane??

I'm a sucker for fuckedup characters... the more the better.

And characters in this series are so fine and perfectly and annoyingly written, it practically screams for more.

Also, should you curse Gideon... why is it?... Because he hooked up with some bitches who live fake life for security and looking for some bristle to feel something. Those bitches are not screwed up because of Gideon... those females a screwed by themselves, because they are week, desperate and know shit about understanding someone else. And because of their weakness, Gideon and everyone else around them should pay the prize.

Because there's only one, who can keep up with the pace and issues Gideon represents and its not them... including his royally bitch and selfish mother.

It was always an issue with females who got twisted because they couldn't control a man with their cheap shot and boring ways.

So, yeah, bring it on SD, because how the story is written, with all the sizzling and powerful wordings, this story will be epic, no matter where and how it ends.

All readers out there expected more or end story, rather take it and brace it as it is... and enjoy, because at the end, you'll be just like any of us, how f...ing enjoyed this book: deep down envious and thirsty so more, and wish to grab your Gideon.