Allure - Nina Lane So the pieces of puzzle keep coming along with more glimpses of Liv's & Dean's history.
I always knew this wasn't some kind of "okay-so-we-had-some-issues-in-book-one-but-now-we-have-overcome-and-here-comes-our-happily-after."
Yeah, well that's not real life for sure and not of Liv's & Dean's.
The switching POVs, and the smart and intelligent development of the story, along with it's deep dialogues are the essence of this book series.

It's interesting to read about a seemingly perfect marriage, where each partners fixed the other somehow, and built there perfect fortress where their outside fucked-up world cannot do any harm. But yeah, as it is said in the book, their problems are lie in the them. How Dean trying to protect Liv from everything and give the security she'd never had, while doing this, he does the totally opposite and that's why all the insecurities settled in their relationship.
Liv's desperation to figure out why their perfect world together, not so perfect after all and why one tragic event links to another one, and how she, at the end, comes up with a solution and stands up for it, no matter what. Well, yep, that's a totally character development all right.

And because of that (and not because a Book 3 is coming:), I sense it, that when you can come up with a decision like that, and/or say it out loud what's the core of all the problems, than you definitely will sort this shit out and find your way back home.