Eyes Wide Open  - Raine Miller 4.8 stars ... because of the cover (I really expected something more, as it is, it's to average for my liking)

Another book-series=check
I'd have read the previous 2 books before this one, but yeah, this is what happens when you have to wait for a next book in a series for more months, than it was originally promised... but never mined, another walk for me on memory lane when it comes to book series.

Although this book seemed somehow slow-paced, still what makes this series different from any other with similar plot, is the tension. And tension is what you can practically feel and touch in this final book. This is what keeps you reading it, because you're like on the edge it can jump at you from the next page you turn.

Still, when it finally escalates to ending the suspense and all dramatic stuff, somehow its solved quite fast: a couple of harsh and hateful words, getting angry, wanna kill you, you'll be mine, everybody was stupid and I was the smart one... etc... A bit of cliché for me and too fast solved despite how the whole suspense was built up in the whole book.

It also a plus, that I didn't have to endure another book ending with having some family time with the baby finally born and how all family-ish we're now and those lovey-dovey, tear filled eyes when ones looks at his kid... yuck... I had too big dosis from that lately, just like getting somehow deaf with all the wedding bells.