Lover at Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #11) - J.R. Ward I'm practically thriving for a next BDB book...

Therefore, I have all this high expectations for LOL, wording, sentences, comments, anything that's "brotherish".
But perhaps that was the book where I realized, if JRW operates with this much characters with individual features and style, you may not get what you expect based on ... like the first couple of books.
Because it's difficult to make these characters appear in the books as often as some fanatic fans (like myself) wants.
So at the end... or in the middle of it... you find yourself asking "where's Butch, or... V... or Rhage... or the more funny situations you got used to?"

Practically, what saved this book for me, was the scene switches; bringing in new characters with new story prospective; and really, truly not knowing what will happen next. And that's JRW's writing genius that will keep me going.

P.s.: tux scene at the end is priceless!