Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare Okay, so I've a weakness for CC and TMI as an entity. I was so waiting for this series.
Probably shouldn't have to compare it to TMI as ID is a totally different area, but still... can't help myself, sorry:)
At the beginning it was strange to read, I got myself into is slowly perhaps because it's more darker all the way than TMI.
What I loved most that characters are all charismatic, fun and complex as you already got used to with CC.
I guess that was the main thing that really got me into the story.
Still, I couldn't put my finger on this whole mechanical, clockwork thing, but it was a nice extra touch.
Will and Jam... ooooh. Actually I'd take Jame anytime. His faithfulness and sensitivity caught me more than Will's all-acting-tough-wrapped-up-in-all-his-issues.
I know some compare Will to Jace, but Will isn't like Jace, not by a long shot. And that's one of my problem with him. I miss some cynical, humorous quality from Will. (Okay, so it's my problem after all... being to wrapped-up with Jace:)
I'd loved having Magnus Bane. I simply can't get enough of the guy :)... And helloooo, Church! God, I love that SOB :D

Overall, although it took some time to get in the mood, as it's darker, bit more horroristic, it's still a fascinating world to dive yourself into, the characters are fun... and hey, it's really scary to read it at night... with a black cat as your company... Trust me! :)