Reflected in You  - Sylvia Day Okay, so I keep waiting that I get fed up with sooo-fucked-up stories. But no waaay!
I was a little bit worried with this book, as BTY hit so big home run, I simply couldn't feel if SD can put any extra to it. Oh, but, yeah she could :D
At the end of BTY I had some sort of idea where the story was heading. And how it should continue. Partly, it happened, but not the way I was expecting it, still and even better than I thought.
Emotional deviance took another notch. Big time!
When you expect, there's no way she can fucked the characters over and over again, yes, she can.
Also, I've never expected to put the characters into a lot more emotional hurricane, devastation and still get something out of it.
Might not be a healthy thing, but still, Gideon's and Eva's get-away-from-me-and-never-come-back vs get-fuck-right-back-'cause-I-cannot-exist-without-you is what simply gets under my skin.
Might be because the way SD had written it. I don't know. But I still couldn't put it down (or rather exit from e-reader:).

P.s.: I was expecting something more out of Cary's fuckedupness. It was less than in BTY, but still, it's Cary... I hope to read more about him.