The Hunger Games  - Suzanne  Collins My book, movie & Issue etc. friend recommended this book. And I didn't want to read this book at first. Or rather, I was like: Yeah, sure, some Big Brother, or Real World stuff now in print. Great! Just what our world, the teens and society needs.
And, yeah, actually it does.
The way its written, the characters, the whole world show on the pages equals with depressive, dark, frustrating, pessimistic.
I guess it's different whether you ready it as a YA, or an Adult. And I'm the latter.
It tears such a wide range of emotions, that at the end, you're simply wretched.
And yes, there might be parts where you break down in tears (I did, so what, I'm brave enough to admit it).
What's shocking, that when you finish the book, you should say: That's it, enough with this heavy stuff. I want to read something light, fun and positive.
But you grab the second book instead, because you want more, you want to learn more and ultimately, understand more.
Two things are definite for me:
1) That's the best dystopia ever written. I can hardly imagine anyone will top this in this genre.
2) Katniss Everdeen is strongest, most complex and intriguing female character ever created in literature.
So, yeah, at the end I say: Thanks, Niki for your open eye and mind! :):)
(And the hours of discussing THGS :):))