Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James God, I love when a book divides readers :) It's fun reading different ideas, and opinions. It also gives some ideas on one's personality.
Although the whole issue is simple: it's fun to read this series. Great characters (and fucked-up ones - hmm, my favorite types:), email exchanges are cool and funny. And well, yeah, as I'm not some frigid female of sorts, sex scenes are great and real turn-ons.
What surprises me when some say it's pornographic. Oh, well, I guess those ones haven't seen any porno movie. Porno is a different genre. If you need to categorize it at all: 50 Shades is simple hot, breathtaking and shocking great sex with fun lines.
So lot of overthinking from readers instead of enjoyment or thinking about characters.
50 Shades is simple: free your mind! And your body. And you'll be surprised.

Good point, well made, Ms. James :):)