Open - Andre Agassi, J.R. Moehringer Okay, I'm not a big autobiography fan, let alone tennis fan. I simply don't have the patience to sit through a match, not even understand the scoring. Whole tennis is mystery to me, just like golf and cricket.
Than friends suggested me the "Open" (köszi Niki & Zsófi!), and said it's f@ing great. Oh, well, at least I knew who Andre Agassi is, knew some about him, caught some glimpses of his games back then. But still...
And yeah, this book gets you, catches is. And yes, definitely difficult to put it down. I'm still not understanding the scoring system (for all I care in this case:), but at least I understand now: other than what endurance it requires, it's a brain sport; it's a "know-your-enemy" thing. Because you can be injured or less favorite than the other one, but still, if you know the one on the other side, know his moving, reactions, weaknesses, the hell you'll beat him... and beat him hard.
Other than that, the whole book was a shocking, WTF roller coaster. Intimate, full of hatred, brutally honest. Also for a handbook to any parents who's so desperate and wants his/her kid to fulfill the dreams and success he/she couldn't achieve, no matter how much they screw the kid's life.
I totally couldn't get over the idea: if you hate so much something you do, why don't you simply quit? But then I might understood it: because you never got the chance to build your own life, the one that really satisfies you.

I absolutely loved the book, and its style (cheers for the editor!:). So, thanks Andre, for OPENing up. And it was definitely IN.