Lover Awakened - J.R. Ward As to probably all BDB fans, that's my top book in the series. (Well, more or less, there's a tie, but never mind).
It's difficult to explain why this is the top favorite.
Especially as we women always so into the goodlooking male characters, and well... yeah, Zsadist is not.
Gold medallist in the issue question (together with one more Brother at least).
There's something in him. Or it's just who JRW made this character so alive. The f@ck you care about his looks, you do the same thing as Bella - want to understand him.
So Z is perfectly written. Especially as I was always bonded to male characters with insecurity, self-hatred and "leave-me-the-f@ck-alone".
(Oh, and JRW highly upgraded my ENG cursing skills, f@ck you very much:)
Back than I never thought I can read this book again, because of the way-too-much pain and hatred. In English it hits more.
I did so, it's still one of my favorite in the series.

P.s.: The needing period and how it affects the Brothers is priceless. V, P & B in one bed :)