Lover Eternal - J.R. Ward Yep, this book was I prayed for (or at least hoped).
Oh, Rhage :)... Actually, based on detailed good looks (and especially because of the blonde hair), not my type of guy.
But his stylish, really a he-man... with issue (okay, which Brother doesn't have any issue).
I can see why it is the favorite book of some. Mary is quite an average girl, nothing special, and still...
It was funny to get to know vampire traiditions (e.g. feeding a man). Plus I always like the way how Brothers talk to females when they really do they gentlemanly-vampire thing. (Usually in the Old Language)
First, it was difficult for me to imagine the Beast in him. (Still hardly can, but, hey, that's the art of it.)
So, Rhage is the easygoing type, paid his dues, and still...
And after some books, it's difficult to imagine him without his lollipops.
Back then, I thought this will be my Brother and my book... until :)