Dark Lover - J.R. Ward Now, after re-reading and/or reducing my backlog with BDB, well the whole series is a totally new feeling.
When I first read it, I was too captivated to pay enough attention, or think about the characters.

If it'd been DL only and I wouldn't been vampire literature fan, probably I'd have finished after that book.
Okay, it's for generate interest, and after reading further the series, it's clear that JRW was somehow undecided, not a clear style, just glimpses.
So it was okay, if you got into it and wanted to learn more about the series, but otherwise I'd call this book average. Like those YA vampire books, that want to be sold because there's TS, but rather useless, and you forget the whole story cca. 2 days after you finished.

Too average, actually Wrath didn't gave me charismatic impression, we met later on. But at least there are short glimpses on the Brothers, which is good.

A starter, you it gets better... and yes it does :)