City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare When it comes to series, I'm a bit careful, as the 'what if' effect kicks in. What if it's not as good as the first one was. What if I have to high hopes I can't even describe.

So TMI is definitely not THAT series.

It's not easy to finish a first book of a series with an edge. And at the end of CoB I was rather curious, than biting my nails.

Questions rather bug you, than tension. Of course you keep telling yourself this blood-tie vs. love thing between Jace and Clary must be a huge mistake and you keep waiting this to be broken. Yep, but not in CoA. Hey, it's a series, so no wonder.

It was darker, than CoB, which I loved about it. And so much more violent... still not as violent as...

While reading it I was expecting to have more glimpses of Isa and Alec. But not really. But I always loved the mystery around Magnus B.

Simon was a shocking change (I really didn't see it coming:)... But you got another theme to wonder about.

And as each story needs at least one bitch, you got the Seelie Queen.

A great story, excellent story-telling, and yeah, I'd love to live in their world.