Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer Yep, my top favorite in the Series. And not because of "finally".
It's such a roller-coaster, with jaw-drapping, WTF moments.
All characters travelling deep into in learning more about him-/herself, and the consequences of each decision they make.

And that's the book I started like and understand Jacob more. Perhaps because he grows up and stands for something with total conviction.

It was a great idea to have more of the Pack and put some tension there as well.

A bit confusing packing all those extra vampires at the end of the book. After reading the book twice, it's still difficult for me to remember whose talent is what.

I agree with Niki re: some more action would have been nice at the end, but let's not be insatiable.

Happy ending with the twist is nice, but a bit to greasy for me.

Okay, so after all this time, I'm still not able to write a comprehensive review about it. Maybe I should read it a couple of more times.