Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, Stephenie Meyer There are several significant in ones life, but one thing is sure... everybody remembers the first encounter with this book (series).
So, why would I be different.
I was queuing up in the bookstore with my Xmas shopping. Only good thing about this is, you can have a quick glance on books, flip some pages. That's when the cover caught my eye. I love eye catching covers. I checked the back for summary: classic boy meets girl, love and other disasters, teens. Nice. And the boy is a vampire. Great! I always loved vampire genre. Okay, grab it up.
Than it ended up on my bookshelf. And during season holidays and wondering around with "what should I read?" yet again it caught my glimpse. I started and finished it in about 3 days.
Everybody already wrote down how sweet, how hot, and I love you, Edward, or I love you Jacob! etc.
So I'm not a YA, just a grown-up one who loves beautiful fairy tales that help you escape from grey reality.
Very readable style, that sucks you in just as the story and the characters so easy to fall for.

So thanks to Stephenie (other than never finding an Edward-perfect guy)I can relive as many times as I want to. (And many thanks to Catherine Hardwicke to gave faces of all characters and present the mood of the book on-screen).