Crescendo  - Becca Fitzpatrick Just because it's fresh :):)
I had to re-read Hush, Hush, because the gaps of story in my head.

It was better than Hush, Hush. Perhaps fewer Patch, but still enjoyable. The classic nothing what it seems. (Although there were obvious truth to me:)

More emotional, more confusing and more action. Characters slightly developed. No one can top Vee's line in the book for sure.

Either I was too greedy, or I still have backlog in angelic literature, but this whole Nephilim thing, and whose what, who did what to became like this is a bit of confusing to me.

And... I'm soooo "fed up" with edges!!!:)... You like the series, you buy the next book anyway. Either you keep wondering WTF til October when the next book is published. Or go find something else to read.
I chose the later one... I braced myself and started Torment. Hope this time I finish it :):)