Unteachable - Leah Raeder Huuuh, well, okay, so... this was a hell of headcase, awesome reading experience.

The plot: teacher-student. But approached somehow from a different angle than any other books about this.
This one was raw, cynical, harsh, funny. Cynical is my favorite and most intriguing personal quality ever. It either rubs you the right way or the wrong way, but always generates some kind of respond from others you can endlessly analyze. I for myself, can't get enough of it.

And the main characters:
Maise - I guess you should be a qualified psychologist to truly describe her. She has several layers and can be watched from several angles resulting perhaps different description. It was so long (actually I can't even recall when) that I read about and enjoyed a female character this much. Based on her background (drug dealer mom, non-existing father, no childhood) you'd except something like "I'm gonna break free, be a better a person" and feel sorry for herself all the time. And... she's not that. She's way to cynical, raw, realistic, down-to-earth. She's not that whining person, blaming everyone around her for a tough life. She just accepts, watches from the outside and creates a grown-up picture of herself to have at least some feelings, impulses. Yep, she wants to break free, but in a "I don't give a shit" way. She really takes her destiny in her own hands. Acting all adult while there's this little girl inside her with need to be loved, belonged. And she hides this so well... until...

E. comes. It was so strange that he practically didn't even faze, when he figured out, Maise is his student and younger than him. (Although consenting adult). I don't even know if Maise or E. has more layers. One thing is sure: they're both fucked up. Never experienced emotional development in their lives. Simply going by, existing in what's given. He was this total controversial figure for me: one way, he doesn't care if everyone learns it in school and he loses his job; and than reaches a point when he does care (although not because of himself). It'd been interesting to learn more about his thoughts with some switching POVs, but perhaps it was better like this.

So, yeah, this isn't a healthy relationship, and perhaps only the forbidden fruit thing is what keeps them together. But they both somehow grow-up in the process.

I was actually hoping for non-HEA, because it was soo in the story. You could practically felt it all along (and not because of the fights, break-ups)... it was simply there. But I guess... ending was okay like this.

This is a very well, stylishly written story in cynical, sometimes shocking way. A patchwork of emotions and thoughts, and even the side characters give you additional thinking to do, should Maise & E wouldn't be enough for you.