Forever Too Far (Too Far, #3; Rosemary Beach, #4) - Abbi Glines Warning - This review will contain aggressive opinion, extensive WTF, and wording for 18+ Only!

So, I honestly don't know what got into me upgrading the first book, for starters. Perhaps, because it was a fun read, and enjoyed at the time. By the end of Book 2, I seemed like coming to my senses, and Book 3 proven me.

This was sickeningly sweet... annoying... irritating. Some fairy tale Cindarella story met with a low key erotic novel.
We had the same conflict like previous one (Rush is still unable to prioritize), Blaire is sweet and agonizes far to more on something and gets emotional, because she cannot stand up. Still!!
There's this spoiled brat Nan, who's throwing tantrums like not even toddler does. All her hysteria, mimics, and its description is all the same. Fucking annoying!!
I really couldn't put my finger to all their problems, and conflicts. They're bigger ones in life, than a spoiled bitch who DOES NOT HAVE DADDY ISSUES, her problems that the whole fucking world does not spinning around her. But she doesn't have any problem to accept daddy's and half-brother's money at all.

No matter how hot Rush is, how sweet and fighter Blaire is, how hysteric Nan is... etc... All this characters a really-totally shallow.

SO MY 3 STAR GOES TO: Grant, Harlow and Blaire in labour.

Grant and Harlow were the only interesting characters to read about in this book. And I have to admit, suddenly change of POV for these 2 was fantastic.

It was a quick summer read, but just because I wanted to get over with it.