Just Remember to Breathe

Just Remember to Breathe - Charles Sheehan-Miles So, I choose this read just like many others: it was written by a male author.
And I'm always intrigued with male writers when it comes to emotions, love, okay... any "girly" stuff.
I've always thought that emotions from male perspectives are more sort of objectives... appearing in a totally different angle/light than with females. Something more down to earth.

Well... I... actually sort of got that, but not as I expected and not as much.

For me, there's a very thin and fine edge between cheesy and realistic/stomach friendly emotion cover. It's so thin, that it's quite easy to fall either this way or the other. Sometimes both at the same time.

And I've experienced all the above with this one. Cca. 70-80% was true drama, 30-20% cheesy. Also, there were times where this ratio was even more hectic.

Yeah, I get it... total confusion.

I really enjoyed the writing style, switching POVs with key sentences as chapter titles. Sometimes drama was perfect, other times... too much.

I guess, the ending part of this, was the worst mix of cheesy/drama for me. More cheesy, than drama (loved the cards thing, by the way).

Altogether I liked it, easy read with drama, but I loved the first part of it, and got sort of eye-rolling with the ending. Still, it was a nice reading experience