Freeing Asia (Breaking Free, #1)

Freeing Asia (Breaking Free, #1) - E.M. Abel It's very unsure 4 stars.

I had mixed feelings with this. There were parts where I really enjoyed it, and others where I was rolling my eyes and scraping my face, because I was so annoyed with it.

The whole book started pretty timid and I didn't get it where this story goes, or what's the conflict here. Than there's speed up, a quite good story, sometimes funny, hot sex scenes... but still, something bothered me with it.

Perhaps the characters. You got this not really love-triangle thing, because it was weak for it.
Jay - quite boring character, daddy's spoiled little boy with an overdone need to rebel. Practically I didn't know anything about his personality, other than nice smile, good manners, and... well, mostly average in bed, I guess.

Marcus - he was fun, charming bad boy with some forced fucked up issue. I really couldn't get what his problem was. Okay, he had pretty tragic family history, but somehow this wasn't a given basis for him to act all freaking-out-of-relationships-and-feelings. I didn't understand this guy, not at all.

And... Asia - lead female character and I sooo totally didn't put my finger as what is her problem? Really... other than her low self-esteem, while she has a foul-mouth and tough, kick-ass bar brawling skills. So, nope, I didn't get it what her issues were. I'd say she was rather exaggerated with some of her emotional stress.

Shaun I liked... his quite simple, but funny to be around and at least his honest :D

You also got BFF and a funny gay guy to get the picture. Also some surfing, skateboarding thing to make more fun of it. And god, you must have some really pink, sweet, sickening romantic love confessions and stuff... yuck!!!

Honestly, the most hilarious and fun part was the farting scene. That was sooo funny and finally appearing this, khm, problem in a book, like yep, human body is a bitch and doesn't have any restrains.

Altogether, it was a pleasant reading (negative aside), a page-turner, great for relaxing and even at times funny. So if you're not looking for anything more, go for it.