The Submissive (The Submissive Trilogy, # 1)

The Submissive (The Submissive Trilogy, # 1) - Tara Sue Me My oh my... well to start this. This whole book was... forced.

You got all the cliches (rich guy with a tormented past; grey lead female, working as a librarian (!), fast fall in love...) you usually got in BDSM genres.

The writing style was strange, and annoying. It all started as some amateur, fan-writing thing. Than to add some classy thing to it, came all classic literature citations, which I actually found ridiculous and totally not get it what has it got to do anything. Perhaps the aim was to lighten the BDSM mood, put some emotion... soooo not necessary.

And no character development, nada. There was this forced past drama thing with Nathanial, because you need to have a tragic past to explain, why you are a dom. And Abigail - really didn't get it what made her think she's a sub, as there wasn't any explanation who she figured it out, other than her previous relationships weren't enough for her (!... yeah, so, it should mean that one's a sub material all together?!). She's a librarian, all exciting about being a sub and gets surprised when she sees a spanking bench for the first time (???) Really, I thought at least she did her homework and looked up what BDSM really means.

Sex scenes were either wrapped up (fast paced, let's get over with it kind of way), or starting slow, sometimes interesting, and than wrap it up.

Honestly, Nathanial being a dom really didn't came across to me. I had the impression all the time, that he's rather into role-play, than acting as a dom. He's so not a dom, just says the lines, acting all though, but there's no deep determination behind that, this is what he really is.

I understand that Tara Sue Me might wanted to live up to EL James and Sylvia Day, but all her characters way too average, shallow and sometimes eye-rolling ... well... forced.