Rebecca’s Lost Journals, Volume 4: My Master (INSIDE OUT TRILOGY)

Rebecca’s Lost Journals, Volume 4: My Master (INSIDE OUT TRILOGY) - Lisa Renee Jones Reviewing all 4 "snippets"
4 very shaky stars

I was curious if I can understand Mark more, also learn more about Rebecca. Okay, that was a check in the lost journals.
First journal was okay reading, because perhaps I was still high on Inside Out series. Mark wasn't so cold on the outside as he appeared in If I were You and in Being Me. Even Rebecca's insecurities and sexual development in BDSM world was interesting, helpful reading.
But with the upcoming journals and rounding all her doubts, and insecurities over and over again, it became a bit boring. Like the whole thing headed nowhere, Rebecca just stamping at one place and cannot make up her mind.
I get it that this must be ones personal journey in find oneself in BDSM world, and dealing with the whole dominance in every aspect of ones personality, but still... it was way too much for my liking.
Just as all her returning nightmares about her mother, than involving Mark at some point and Rebecca's continuous grasping issues on 'what does it mean?'. If she can't get it, I don't why readers should.

What also annoyed me, is while some sexcapades were detailed, others that might have been interesting were like stopped at the best and most intriguing moments (e.g. menage). Perhaps it was because these lost journals were focusing on Rebecca's feelings, thoughts on the whole BDSM thing, but still.

Guess I had my hopes high, but these journals were only interesting for me in understanding Mark more, and it happened, so probably I shouldn't complain that much.