Bad Things (Tristan & Danika, #1)

Bad Things  - R.K. Lilley This was one sick, devastating, totally and irreparably, fuckeduped series start, that's for sure.

"Bad Things" is raw, so raw that it leaves you all kinds of bruises after you finished. This book would be field trip to any shrinks, that's a sure thing. I've read all kinds of books about fuckeduped characters and relationships, but Tristan and Danika tops them all, big time.

Both Tristan and Danika are full of insecurities, guilt, addictions (emotional and poisonous ones), continuous left-behind, too-much-responsibilities given at a young age and desperation.

And their are so not healthy, hurtful and disastrous for one another, that it practically screams for "don't-go-there" and "run-as-fast-and-as-far-as-you-can"... But they can't, obviously.

Still, they pin you to read about them all along. They're on a hell of a ride with the biggest rollercoaster not even built by human kind.

If you read Up In The Air series, you have some ideas how they ended, but reading the first "chapter" about it, I don't understand, how soon they can get there and how totally they'll destroy each other.

This is even better than the Up In The Air series was, because this one is realistic, way too much. All the characters are detailed and more developed than the ones in UITA. So, yeah, I cannot wait for R.K. Lilley to fuck some more with my mind, emotional stability, and anything else along the way.